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Our agricultural entrepreneurs, whether in cities or in rural areas, greatly contribute to productive dynamics. Their activities ensure the supply of raw materials and therefore strongly contribute to food security in our countries. Improving the state of their knowledge on a daily basis remains a challenge for the public and private services that support them. The lack of financial and above all technical human resources constitute a major constraint on peasant apprenticeship in southern countries. The agricultural technical services are overloaded and no longer play their roles effectively. In such a context, digital and AI tools are opportunities whose gradual adoption will better support smallholder agriculture. Training, agricultural advice, pest control, assisted farm management, agricultural predictions, access to finance, are some of the benefits of applying technological solutions in agriculture.

To this end, video projections on agricultural innovations in the world are an idea to strengthen the technical capacities of peasants without great means in order to correct the shortcomings of traditional extension. These videos present the innovations implemented by the farmers themselves in specific contexts in order to meet various production challenges. These video projections can allow farmers to be inspired by what is done in conditions similar to theirs in order to co-create the knowledge they need. Contrary to what many scientists think, peasants are not just consumers of so-called modern knowledge. Endogenous knowledge is often denser and adapted to the anthropological, social, cultural, environmental, etc. realities of peasants. In addition, the process of learning via videos has been demonstrated and recognized by much research as a very useful strategy since it requires fewer resources, easily disseminates knowledge, and induces adoption of innovations. We learn more quickly what we see doing or what is practiced in our communities without being forced to do so. Even more, when these videos are in the local languages of our farmers, the language is no longer a barrier and they can learn as much through what they see as through what they hear.


This project aims to bring the packages of technological innovations closer to peasants in our communities through screenings of educational agricultural videos made by peasants for peasants. We will thus strengthen their production capacities and the management of their agricultural enterprises.

By contributing to this activity, you will improve the livelihoods of thousands of women and men who invest in sustainable agriculture to better support global development. With your donations, we will acquire the necessary logistics for the success of the screening sessions. Essentially, these are two smart projectors, two projection screens, two loudspeakers, translation services when needed, two internet connection modems, and rights to use the videos produced by others. other structures.

We accept all donations in kind that will allow us to cover the material needs presented above.

If your donation is not anonymized, we will mention it in our various reports and platforms. The logos of legal persons will be shared in the visuals of the project and on our platforms as a partner structure.

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