Coronavirus effect or change of mores in our country?

Coronavirus effect or change of mores in our country?


Benin in its exercise of the democracy acquired since 1990, is preparing once again to go to electoral contests. It is indeed the communal and municipal elections which are in sight in our nation. And everyone is well aware of the socio-health context in which this political competition will have to take place: it is indeed the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, to prevent the spread of the virus in such a context, our leaders and political actors have taken certain measures, including the media coverage of the sensitive electoral campaign period. A first in our country Benin, which since the advent of the rupture regime in 2016 has undergone a metamorphosis on the political level. From the charter of political parties, through the electoral code to the last legislative elections, important reforms have been implemented and have given rise to many remedies at the threshold of many political concessions.

The media coverage of electoral campaigns, which is a novelty, deserves to be analyzed if necessary even under the political microscope.

Which is indisputable evidence

Everyone is convinced that faced with the Coronavirus pandemic situation which prevails throughout the world, the regrouping of men and women is no longer recommended. To this end, the socio-political authorities have taken a healthy decision not to face a health drama that would be detrimental to us. And even still, the panic and the psychosis which reign at this moment in the hearts of the populations would lead them to stay at home.

What changes or would have changed

For the common people of Benin, who speaks of an electoral campaign, speaks of a period long awaited by the population as well as by the political actors. If the political actors speak of meeting the populations at the base during this period, we all know the interest that each of the two parties derives from it.

By coming together, men and women hope to have a good time in the company of artists that politicians did not hesitate to associate with the event. The guests also go home with food or banknotes.

As for the politicians, it is an opportunity to come and buy the conscience of the people and as the word "buy" indicates, they do not hesitate to use large financial means so that the message is assimilated: that of voting for their party.

This is how electoral campaigns were defined in our country.
This time, I don't know what definition we will give to the grassroots populations.

Fabrice E. KANFON

Fourth Year Medical Student, KANFON E. Fabrice is passionate about reading, sport and science, his vision is to positively impact young people with a taste for a job well done and for science.

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