People indifferent to barrier gestures against Covid-19


In this general context of the fight against the coronavirus in the world, and in particular in Benin, and despite the growing number of confirmed cases, some are still indifferent.
Indifferent, they are it either by ignorance, or by thinking that this pandemic is only a joke. But who are they?

Of course, I want to talk about some citizens who have not yet understood that the hour is serious and that it is urgent to protect themselves and therefore protect those around them. Indeed, this indifference can be seen in words like:

Sodabi alone is enough to form a barrier to the virus in my body

The virus will only attack you who wear the masks because you are afraid of it

I am poor, the virus only knows the rich

These are words that prove that some are still ignorant. And as someone says, life is simple, it's only men who complicate it. It still costs nothing to protect yourself against the virus by wearing your mask, washing your hands regularly with soap and water, or using hydroalcoholic gel, coughing or sneezing in the crook of your arm or with a tissue. disposable.

However, the indifference of some will cost us lives if left unchecked.
It would therefore be good for us who have understood to be able to make our friends, relatives and colleagues aware of these barrier gestures. This is part of our common victory over this pandemic.

Together we are strong.

Délali SOHOU

Young dynamic Beninese woman. Délali SOHOU is currently a cashier at CHD-Mono, she is attentive and sensitive to what is happening around her. While passionate about reading and gospel music, she aims to contribute to a better world.

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