COVID 19: What impacts on humanity?


For several weeks, the whole world has been tormented by a pandemic that no longer needs to be demonstrated. This Covid-19 pandemic, originally caused by an agent of the coronavirus family, began in Wuhan, a Chinese city in Hubei province. It then spread to other parts of the globe. We can already ask ourselves what global impacts Covid-19 has on humanity?

The Covid-19 does a lot of damage on the human level.

On the human level, we note a heavy loss of human lives in almost all countries, particularly in Italy, Spain, France, China, USA, Iran, etc. All over the world, the temporary closure of places of knowledge (schools and universities) is an important decision taken by most governments to limit the spread of the virus. It is the same for the various places of worship. Distancing has therefore become an imperative for all men.

All this will not be without consequences on the economy.

At the economic level, we can retain the decline in income-generating activities. A number of firms are forced to close temporarily. The huge drop in purchasing power is also a major problem that does not allow men to meet all of their daily needs. This is more glaring in the less developed countries. Many industries are experiencing a slump in their various items. In the big cities of the world like Berlin, Paris, Rome, etc., this suggests that life has stopped, because all the restaurants, cafeterias and bistros have temporarily stopped functioning. According to some economists, the whole world will experience an economic recession in the days to come.

Has this evil that is Covid-19 brought a change to humanity?

I am tempted to say that thanks to Covid-19, it could be said with ease that the world has returned to square one, that is to say the world has become one as before. We hear more about wars, attacks, hotbeds of tension and so on. The world now has only one enemy, which is the Covid-19. The superiority complex between humans has taken a step back. Small quarrels in families hardly exist any more. People now have time for their homes and the same for God. Now, many attach great importance to their personal hygiene and clothing.

Hope is allowed!

The wish of every human being is to find an effective remedy in order to eradicate this disease which never ceases to rage in all corners of the globe. May unity reign among humans forever, especially after the pandemic, proof that we have learned the lesson of humanity taught to the human race by the alien Coronavirus.

Fulbert Dagbégnon ASSOGBA

German teacher in high schools and colleges in Benin, Dagbégnon Fulbert ASSOGBA is passionate about business, his vision is to fight for a better world, a just world where everyone lives happily.

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