The leitmotif of the good citizen: Never me without the others


Why risk my life and that of others because of a minute of impatience and incivism?
Passing traffic lights, especially in the absence of a law enforcement officer, is increasingly becoming a habit to be corrected in Benin.

Between the many injuries or deaths caused every day, and the statistics of material damage recorded, there is a need for both individual and collective awareness.

Just a moment of patience and a citizen's life is secure. So I don't need a Republican Police officer to stop me when the light is red.

My life depends on it, and that of others too.


  1. Ezekiel
    1 April 2020

    Thank you for your contribution to raising awareness of citizenship.

  2. Ezekiel
    31 March 2020

    Thank you for your contribution to civic awareness.


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